I always check out the books in Urban Outfitters (because let’s be honest, their clothing sucks) and stumbled upon one that really interested me: 642 Things to Write About.

I don’t write with a pen and paper often, but I do try and write on 750words on a daily basis, and thought maybe it’d be a good idea to get it from Amazon later.

Well thanks to google, I found a blog completely dedicated to writing using the prompts from the book. And thus, I bring you 642stories.

The blog is awesome, and simple, and here’s to hoping she keeps updating it because I actually enjoy reading it. (And from what I’ve read, I think she’s from the suburbs of NYC so hey girl. I always have a lot of love for my fellow New Yorkers.)

I know everyone on tumblr is all about pictures, and quotes, and that’s great and all because that’s what I like about tumblr. But you know; it’s okay to read once in a while.

Boy Makes “Lick It” List For Dying Dog


In 2005 a dog named Bingo came into the life of a then 4-year-old boy named Cole Hein. Cole has an undiagnosed disorder which makes him suddenly stop breathing when he is asleep or even when he is awake. Bingo, the Jack Russell terrier was trained to recognize when Cole stops breathing and bark to alert his parents. Bingo has saved the boys life on numerous occasions.

Cole, 11-years-old is now able to fight the disorder on his own. While Bingo, now 14, was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Unfortunately, Bingo does not have long to

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